Organic Gardening Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start gardening organically?
Lets start with the soil. You will need to add organic matter to your gardens soil. If you don’t have a compost pile, set one up, and start composting. Meanwhile while your compost pile is working you can buy ready made and fortified organic soil here, and mix it in to your existing soil to get started.

What is companion planting?
Companion planting is combining certain plants to create a mutually shared benefit for both plants. They are plant friends that help each other grow by a number of different ways like shading one or the other, attracting beneficial insects, or repelling destructive insects. Scientists have studied companion planting and confirm that some combinations do offer real benefits unique the that combination. Some best combinations have proved to be:

  • Potatoes and sweet alyssum
  • Radishes and spinach
  • Cauliflower and dwarf zinnias
  • Collards and catnip
  • Corn and beans
  • Tomatoes and cabbage or peppers
  • Squash and nasturtiums
  • Broccoli and Basil
  • And Marigolds with almost everything but beans and cabbage.

Are there organic pesticides?
Yes there are many insect control methods that are organic, from insecticidal soaps to traps. We offer a variety of organic insect and fungal control products.

Are there organic fertilizers available?
Yes, we offer a variety of organic fertilizers and nutrients.

What is vermicopmosting?
Vermicomposting is the process of having red worms and other decomposer organisms process our organic waste and turn it into a great natural fertilizer (called vermicompost).

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